March 8, 2023

Stud Packages

We offer a range of stud services and packages to suit your individual requirements whether you are a large thoroughbred stud or wanting to breed from a single mare.

For artificial insemination using chilled semen each cycle costs £275. This includes all pre-insemination scans and prostaglandin injections if needed. Ovulation induction agents. Insemination and microscopic semen assessment as well as post insemination check and wash out and oxytocin if necessary. The package also include up to 3 pregnancy scans.

We split our packages into two, once pregnancy is confirmed you pay a £187 in foal confirmations fee. This stops you having to pay the full £462 + stud visits outright in case your mare doesn't get in foal.

For natural covering the reproductive cycle costs £241.99 and this includes all scans pre-covering, 3 pregnancy scans at 13-17 days, 23-27 days and 40-45 days. The package includes prostaglandin, ovulation induction agent and oxytocin. It also covers endometrial swab and lab fees. The in foal confirmation fee is £132 again splitting your payment in case your mare doesn't get in foal.

Our stud visit charge is £25.

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